New HCG Un-Mixed Prescription 26 Day kit now available

HCG 26 day Prescription kits New look! Same product! We have IMPROVED our Prescription HCG kit, for your convenience. Now with a larger bottle for easy handling and simplistic dosage. You will now take 10 drops 2 times per day We offer only high quality pure HCG, now you are receiving it in a more […]

Cyber Monday Deal

HCG Buy Direct Cyber Monday Deal – $5.00 off your order of Appetite Suppressant Patches  code: cybermonhcg  24 hour sale 11-27-2017 We have two forms of the hCG programs that you can order direct from our website: •There is a Pre-mixed hCG diet plan; Available now for you to order direct with no waiting. You will […]


Pure HCG for injections or sublingual drops are key for successful weight loss. So many other websites offer hCG that is Not the real pure hCG. Don’t be fooled by the multiple sites out there offer homeopathic hCG or drops that offer a money back guarantee that you will never see. HCG Buy Direct has […]

2016 New Year for a healthy start with the HCG Diet

2016 NEW year for a healthy start with the HCG diet program. Take time for yourself; don’t put yourself on the back burner. Doing the things that make you happy.   Those little happy things will snowball into more enjoyment in your everyday life. This 2016 New Year: Take your dog for a walk, enjoy the […]

HCG Buy Direct Featured on Arizona 3tv

As seen on Arizona’s 3tv – HCG diet works As one of the leading hcg diet drops distributors in the US, HCG Buy Direct provides some of the best quality hcg drops available but the quality doesn’t stop there. With so many different companies out there selling hcg, HCG Buy Direct separates themselves from the […]

Start hCG diet Program on Thanksgiving!

                  Here is how you can be down 20 to 30 pounds before the New Year! Step 1: Purchase your hCG from HCG Buy Direct Step 2: Thanksgiving day start your program and begin your 2 hCG diet fat loading days.  This means you can eat all […]

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My hCG weight loss journey

Brittney’s HCG diet weight loss Journey with HCG Buy Direct: Five years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was a happy time for me. But it was also a depressing time because I had gained so much weight from my pregnancy. I felt unattractive and I had little self esteem. I tried […]

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HCG Diet Success Story – Mel

I’ve never been very open about any weight loss before, because I knew I did it, but I didn’t know how to maintain it. My weight has fluctuated my whole life but now I understand that it’s completely in my control. I’m proud to say I’m smaller than I’ve ever been in my adult life […]

HCG diet Before and After Photos

Sondra Before and after her HCG diet from HCG Buy Direct Before starting HCG drops and diet I weighed 233. This is the largest I have ever been in my life. I was tried every diet you can think off and every diet pill you can think off and nothing worked. I was at an […]