hCG Diet Maintenance


Step 1: Stop taking your drops and continue VLCD for 3 days.

Step 2: During this time, figure out your BMR (base metabolic rate: the number calories you can consume to maintain your exact weight) I really like this one: Click Here

Step 3: Review the Glycemic Index and chose foods moderate to low on the scale. This will give you a more detailed idea of foods that are a good idea to eat during this time. +View a List of GI Foods

Step 4: AVOID SUGARS AND STARCHES DURING THESE 3 WEEKS! It is very important to read your ingredient labels during this time, as everything seems to contain sugar these days.. and if its listed within the first 5 ingredients, it is highly recommended to avoid it.

Step 5: DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! It is essential to eat the necessary amount of calories your body needs to maintain, or your body will begin to retain fat again, since there will be no HCG in your system at this point. For most people this is roughly 1500 calories per day.
Proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and low fat dairy are all allowed during this time.

Step 6: After these 3 weeks are completed, you can then gradually (meaning not everyday at first) re-introduce grains and natural sugars back in (refined sugar, or HFCS are not recommended for at least another week or two..if at all) Its best to start with whole grains, such as rice, and again, for best results do not begin to each starches and sugars every day for another week or so.