Start hCG diet Program on Thanksgiving!










Here is how you can be down 20 to 30 pounds before the New Year!

Step 1: Purchase your hCG from HCG Buy Direct

Step 2: Thanksgiving day start your program and begin your 2 hCG diet fat loading days.  This means you can eat all you want for two days!  By beginning your program on Thanksgiving day you are able to fat load for two full days, that means even eating leftovers, how great is that?!

Step 3: On day 3 you will begin the HCG Buy Direct food plan.  It is always best to prepare your food ahead of time so you will not be tempted to make a mistake.  Be sure to watch the HCG Buy Direct Videos and download your tracking sheets.  Understanding how it all works is key to your success on the diet program.  Following this carefully you can easily lose 20 to 30 pounds before the New Year.  Just think about having a jump start on the new year.  That would feel Great!

Step 4: Do the Happy Dance everywhere you go!

HCG Buy Direct you can purchase easily online.  Right now we have the Prescription hCG on sale for only $99.00.  You can have them shipped right to your front door.  The diet is very simple to follow and really works if followed properly.  We have some clients that don’t mind losing weight at a slower pace by eating a plan closer to 800 calories per day by adding in an extra protein and vegetable meal into their program.

Our team of hCG diet consultants are ready to help you with any questions you may have.  Start losing weight for the holiday and feel lighter and healthier.  No need for weight loss surgery this hCG diet program works.

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Take your first step by starting the new year off to a healthier you!

Best wishes, HCG Buy Direct