Types of hCG

Mixed hCG

Pre-Mixed hCG Diet Plan

Available for you to order direct with no waiting. You will get the real human chorionic gonadotropin sublingual drops and with our recommended dosage you will be getting 175-200IU’s per day which a the perfect amount to start with (according to Dr. Simeon’s protocol) and you will take 10 drops 3x per day.

Unmixed hCG

Un-Mixed hCG Diet Plan

You need to fill out a simple online medical form that is to be approved by the doctor (which takes 24 to 48 hours.) Once you are approved, only then will your card be charged and your product is shipped to you. You will receive an unmixed vial of hCG 12000IU’s and the sublingual mixing solution and this one is more concentrated and only need 10 drops 2x per day.

hCG Injections

You may also use un-Mixed HCG for injections using Bacteriostatic Sterile Water. After your purchase ask us for the link where you can purchase your needles and Bacteriostatic Serile Water.
(We do have a lot of people that do the injections and purchase the hCG from us since it is more cost affective and convenient.)

Both programs follow the same diet protocol and people are getting amazing results from both.