Getting Started

This is a very exciting diet program you are on your way to a new healthier you! Being prepared and informed is the key to a successful program. It’s important to watch the videos as most of your questions will be answered there. Be sure to download your diary, tracker sheet, and recipes also!

Instructional Videos Downloads

Visit the Downloads link above to access HCG Diet Information

  • 4 Instructional Videos to Help You With Your Program
  • HCG Recipes link to keep it interesting
  • HCG Daily Food Diary pdf download
  • HCG Tracker Sheet – to Track Your Progress pdf download
  • HCG Recipe Videos by Chef Mel
  • Frequently Asked Questions – HCG Diet Program
  • Maintenance Phase Plan – Instructions & Tips
  • Contact Information – HCG Diet Support Center

We want to see you be successful!

  • HCG News and Information:
  • Email Support:
  • Phone Support: 623-465-1121 or 1-877-327-4211(toll-free)
    (Please leave a message and one of our diet support consultants will call you back. All calls are returned at the end of the day Monday through Friday)
  • Text Message Support: 480-559-5790
    (Text message support is best for quick questions including evening & weekends)

Dosage for Premixed HCG: – 30 day hCG Program and 15 day hCG Program

  • 10 Drops 3 times per day
  • Does not need refrigeration – Store out of bright light

Dosage for un-mixed HCG – 26 day hCG Program

  • Take 10 Drops 2 times per day
  • Needs to be refrigerated only after you mix it together
  • Here is the link to the video on how to take unmixed 26 day HCG.

Best Wishes on Your Program!