My hCG weight loss journey

Brittney’s HCG diet weight loss Journey with HCG Buy Direct:

Five years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was a happy time for me. But it was also a depressing time because I had gained so much weight from my pregnancy. I felt unattractive and I had little self esteem. I tried diet and exercise to get the weight off but no success. So I decided to seek my doctors help. She told me that if I ate and 1200 calorie diet and exercised then my weight would fall off. So I took her advice and I ate a 1200 calorie diet, joined s gym and exercised 5 days a week. I did that for a few months but not one pound was lost. I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t lose weight. Through my depression it made me eat more. 

One day I went to visit a good friend of mine and I was surprised as to how much weight she had lost (she had struggled to lose weight as well). I asked her how did she do it. She told me about HCG BUY DIRECT. I went home that same day and ordered! I was skeptical at first but I was determined to get the weight off. To my surprise the weight literally started falling off! I lost 45 lbs the first couple months! I eventually reached my goal weight! I was so happy!

I was able to maintain my weight with healthy eating and exercise. Which proves that the weight can be maintained through a lifestyle change and hCG reset my metabolism. I sure was a happy camper when I went clothes shopping! 

When my daughter turned 4, my husband and I received a wonderful surprise. I was pregnant with my son! Unfortunately,I did gain the weight back but I was pregnant! Soon after I gave birth to my son, I got back on my HCG diet and have lost 60 lbs. I’m still pushing to get back down to my goal weight. I’m just so grateful for HCG BUY DIRECT and their awesome products. I’m also grateful for the customer support team (specifically Jo) because they’ve been so encouraging along the way.

I hope you like my testimony thank you for reading.  –  Brittney – Phoenix, Arizona