HCG Diet Success Story – Mel

HCG Diet Success Story Mel

I’ve never been very open about any weight loss before, because I knew I did it, but I didn’t know how to maintain it. My weight has fluctuated my whole life but now I understand that it’s completely in my control. I’m proud to say I’m smaller than I’ve ever been in my adult life and I plan on keeping it this way!

My goal has never been to be skinny, but to simply feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. A BMI chart didn’t tell me my goal weight.. my health, happiness and self-esteem are what guide my eating habits. Weight is just a number and jeans come in every size, to be proud of yourself is all that matters and that goal, I have achieved.

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We love to hear about the great success our clients are achieving in weight loss, and better yet, life by feeling like the person they were meant to be. If you would like to share you story please do so by sending us an email and who knows, may be your story will inspire others like we certainly hope Mel’s has.

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